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Form Tools, Inc. is now a part ofMultiSource Manufacturing

Precision Tooling MUCH MORE

Form Tools Incorporated (FTI) provides precision machining for any industry in need of quality, precision components.

We deliver the best there is today for EDM machining as well as CNC Milling, Turning and Grinding. By offering the technical expertise, the latest and most accurate equipment, and delivery when promised, FTI guarantees that we're the company to rely on for all your EDM needs.

Precision Tooling INSERTABLE

FTI not only provides a superior finished product, but has the engineering expertise to design the tool for perfect operation. 

FTI has a wide range of experience in the creation of cutting tools, including:  Form Tools, Shave Tools Milling Cutters, Trepan Tools and Recess Tools.

Precision Tooling JOB

FTI is dedicated to providing many companies that valuable resource they can't obtain from within...the utilization of EDM from a group of experts.  Whether your company is on "EDM overload" or the job is too complex to remain in-house, FTI will step in as your manufacturing partner. 

Our experience in EDM machining assures that whatever operation your company requires-we will deliver.

Precision Tooling MANUFACTURING

If your requirements extend to electro-mechanical assemblies involving high precision fabricated parts with off-the-shelf items such as air cylinders and linear slides, we can assemble your device and test it before shipment.  In many cases, we work with our customers to refine designs and solve manufacturing problems.